Who we are

About us

GoSmile is a global community of people with a mission to end poverty in a sustainable way by supporting and investing alongside local farmers and the communities.......

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What do we believe in.

At GoSmile Uganda, we believe in the poor communities, in their resilience, strength and capacity to create a better future and get out of poverty. Through our holistics grassroots programs, we empower and equip families especially... 

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Our Work.

A group of female entrepreneurs breaking all barriers to start their own business using recyclable materials  

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Our Programs

Give a Goat Program.

The Give A Goat program is under Go Smile Uganda , a grass roots charity organization founded in 2006. This program aims at empowering communities and eliminating poverty by giving a goat to a selected families or entrepreneurial groups of women in...  

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Microloans Program.

Our Microloans Program offers women the opportunity for financial independence through entrepreneurship. Obtaining the capital to start or operate a business is a major obstacle for most of Ugandan women GoSmile serves - particularly...

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Climate and Environmentally Friendly Construction

We believe the most effective and affordable way to build in rural Africa is by empowering local people and trying as much as possible to use local materials. We specialize in the innovative interlocking Brick technology.. Read More


goHoney initiative focuses on conservation of wildlife protected areas and sustainable beekeeping to combat poverty, build sustainable and resilient livelihoods. Our purpose is to empower the rural poor to do beekeeping in order to produce and sell as much honey as possible... Read More

Kech Pe Tii

Women Handcrafts Program

“Kech Pe Tii” is an Acholi phrase, the native language of the women of Acholi, which means: “No matter how old, young or frail you are - you must work hard to make a living.” There is no better way to express their spirit and will to work hard to ensure success for their enterprise.... Read More