Give a Goat program.

The Give a Goat program by GoSmile Uganda, a grass roots charity organization founded in 2006, aims at empowering communities and eliminating poverty by giving a goat to selected families or entrepreneurial groups of women in a community.

This gift is intended to be used as startup capital for farming for each family under the supervision of GoSmile Uganda for a certain period of time. Our organization offers training in community farm care so that groups of families can get training and tools they need to boost productivity of their small farms. This kind of training will enable our community groups to take on their goat farms in a more sustainable way. The first step in alleviating poverty is improving families. A goat donation can provide a family or community a hand-up increasing access to health care, school and sustainable livelihood. It feels great knowing that when you give a goat, you are really making a lasting difference.


Empowering Communities:

The multiplier effect.

Selected families or entrepreneurial groups of women are trained with the necessary skills before they receive a goat. Once the goats are given out GoSmile Uganda will endeavor to follow up on the implementation to ensure the proper farming methods are followed.

This follow up is done until the multiplier effect is realized at which point a goat is withdrawn to be given to another family.


Alleviating Poverty:


For any lasting change, we have learned that first, we need to do some major training in the communities to empower the beneficiaries on how to rear and benefit from the goats.

We then asses the need of a particular community and make deals with the beneficiaries through the local council to make sure that those needs are eventually met after sometime rearing the goats.

GoSmile Uganda strongly believes the community must be a part of any program to alleviate poverty. We therefore expect community leaders and beneficiaries to contribute in any way to whatever we are doing in that community.


Sustainable Livelihood:

A Sustainable Hand up.

When the people in the community have been schooled in good farming practices they are then better able to have access to decent healthcare, food and education since they would have an agro generating business with the goats.



Empowering Communities through Goat Farming.

At GoSmile Uganda, we believe in empowering and transforming communities by alleviating poverty. Since 2006, we have grown to impact many communities around Uganda. Giving of a goat to different groups of communities has needed us to work hard as a team to achieve success.

We have placed our efforts in educating the selected families to practice proper farming methods. We have in our team experts in the field of Agriculture giving knowledgeable, timely advice to the groups and being in contact with the groups when need arises. We also play a supervisory role in endeavoring the groups are held responsible.