Women Microloans Program.

Our Microloans Program offers women the opportunity for financial independence through entrepreneurship. Obtaining the capital to start or operate a business is a major obstacle for most of Ugandan women that GoSmile Women serves - particularly for those without formal education. Our program not only provides loans to qualified recipients but also educational support to help them earn the most through business.
Microloans groups are formed of skilled women from a single community who come together with the drive to lift themselves and their families from the burden of poverty. Every month, the women attend group empowerment and education workshops focused on business and financial management to help them be successful in their efforts. When women successfully repay their initial loan, they qualify for a higher loan during the next cycle.

Our Microloans process is as follows:

  • Community leaders organize themselves into groups of about 25-30 members
  • Women’s groups are established and they recruit other women interested in
    receiving a microloan
  • Each woman initially receives $100 USD (limit increases after successful
  • Women use this money to start a small business or enhance an existing one
  • We provide ongoing training throughout the process to help improve success
    rates and to teach them business and banking skills, how to start their own
    savings account and develop financial planning skills

Donate to our Microloans program and help change the lives of the rural poor
women in Uganda. For further questions on getting involved, please contact