Go Smile Uganda

What we believe in.

At GoSmile Uganda, we believe in the resilience of poor communities, in their strength and capacity to create a better future and get out of poverty. Through our holistic grassroot programs, we empower and equip families especially women and the youth to realize their full potential by allowing the communities in our care to become a portal for large social change. This approach invites both genders to be part of the solution and builds a community invested in its own future ultimately, transforming the face of rural poverty while creating the brighter tomorrow.

Our Goal.

To provide capacity building to grass root women and their families living in rural communities of Uganda; one community at a time.

One of the most critical issues of concern not only in Uganda but the whole of Africa today is the growing poverty gap between the rich and the poor that urgently calls for sustainability programs where poor communities are empowered and given a hand up to change their own lives not handouts.


Our Objectives.

GoSmile Uganda is set to pursue the following objectives:

  1. To adopt a bottom-up, demand-driven approach, whereby rural women and their families are enabled to identify their needs and plan future actions accordingly, with minimal external intermediations.
  2. To support community development initiatives, by reaching the needy with innovative and appropriate high quality services.
  3. To improve productivity of women income generating activities and increase access to competitive markets.
  4. To establish a revolving fund for women economic empowerment, social capital access and financial inclusion.


Our Values.

  1.  Honesty & Integrity – We seek to be above reproach in the way we function as an organization, and above reproach as individuals. We want to be attractive and virtuous people in the eyes of others.
  2. Excellent & Professionalism – We give care at all aspects of the presentation of our organization. The attention we give to details – physical appearance, follow up, donor service/relations, e.t.c. –demonstrates our commitment to be attractive for Christ to the best of our ability.
  3. Stewardship – Commitment to wise stewardship of the gifts (talents, spiritual gifts, time, funds, resources and opportunities entrusted to us. We seek to use them to fulfill GoSmile Ugandaís mission.

Our Vision.

Working towards a poverty free world GoSmile Uganda is striving to create a world where every family has an opportunity to access quality education, healthcare and leave free from hunger. Our vision is to become the benchmark of community empowerment and development in Africa.


Our Mission.

GoSmile Uganda mission is to eradicate poverty by transforming the livelihood of poor families through support, education and sustainable income generating programs.